1) Forklift Trucks Part Service

We are a leading Wholesaler of Forklift Trucks Part such as Automatic Transmission Clutch Pack, Forklift Truck Hydraulic Components, Brake Shoes, Forklift Truck Steer Axle, Torque Converter, Bearings For Forklift Truck and many more items from India.

Automatic Transmission Clutch Pack

Forklift Truck Hydraulic Components

Forklift Truck Steer Axle

Forklift Brake Shoes

Solid Cushion Tyres

2) Oil Analysis Service

Oil Analysis Service of Synthetic/Mineral/Hydraulic oils undertaken as per ASTM standard by skilled technicians in a lab with fully computerised analysis report of 21 elements and 8 Physico chemical properties and diagnostics within 20 minutes On-line report can also be sent. Only 50 ml oil sample required.

3) Material Handling Equipments AMC Service

Material Handling Equipments AMC Service consists of 10 PMS(Preventive Maintenance Service) and two half yearly maintenance Service as per MIL standard formats specifically designed for all types of MHE as per ISO approved norms. In case of Diesel Forklifts one Engine Oil Analysis is also included at nominal cost to AMC customers. The service is carried out by highly skilled technicians in-situ. A Health Audit prior to commencement of AMC is undertaken. This ensures minimal down time and maximum availability.